Sunday, April 29, 2012


Firstly, it has been a few weeks since I last wrote so please forgive me those who read my posts and thankyou to those who keep coming back to check whether there is a new post. It has been sschool holidays, Easter, lots of family times and a little hicough or two.
Last week was the big one, with a scare in our house. The big one has been a heavy smoker for all the time I have known him, nearly 25 years and over the last few months he has been having acupuncture to help stop. This has been helpful but hasn't done the trick. Then he had a really nasty bug which laid him low for several weeks, had two trips to the doctor and was advised to have a chest x-ray. He didn't feel it was anything to worry about but within 2 hours of having the x-ray we had the call to go and have a CT scan which we were able to do in Melbourne that afternoon. It was scary and no matter how positive one can try to be there is always that thought sitting on your shoulder. The words, there is something there..., not good. He had the scan and as we drove home to daughter no 1 we had the all clear phone call, it was just leftover infection from the bug he had had. That was it and we saw the doctor 2 days later, the tobacco went into the rubbish bin with the doctor there as a witness and I am now married to a non-smoker. Our 5 year old grand-daughter said, 'That is so good, now Pa will have more time to play with me. He won't have to stop playing to have a cigarette.' Have to say I agree, no more waiting waiting while he 'just' has a smoke. Our trips in the car won't take as long as we don't have to stop on the way. He won't have that lingering scent....and he has a much better chance of living his full life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are very lucky indeed.

You might wonder at this photo of his study but this is the first time he has had his curtains shut at night...because of the smoke in his study, the only room he smoked in the house. It is a miracle!!

And now for the HELLO. I am off to NZ in the morning to see the family for two whole weeks. The goodbyes at home before  I go are always hard but the goodbyes in NZ hardER. 
This fellow has been following me everywhere as I do all the last minute things in the garden, washing, ironing and soon it will be the packing. I just need the suitcase down from the top of the cupboard.

Flowers to remind the big one of me!

Autumn leaves to remind me of home. I am sure there will be more posts from the home of Greedy For Colour so until then may you all be safe and contented. Contentment means so much.


  1. We are ready and can't wait to see you, Love Kate xxxooxxx.

  2. have a wonderful time with your gorgeous family!