Monday, April 2, 2012


These roses live next door and I can't wait until I am able to get cuttings from my friend. They both smell deliciously , always , not the best part but almost! The pink is such a pretty pink and the undersides almost a silvery white and quite translucent. The yellow is quite different to mine, an open flower and they both have tiny turned up points at the end of the petals.

Sadly this beanie is no more. Last night I took the axe, no, sorry, not the axe but some scissors and just unpulled all I could. I took a gamble that I could get more of the dark purple in Melbourne but alas they are not making that shade any more, even in the 'behind shop'! I bought some dark grey Sublime, hoping I could put it all together but it just didn't work. So, now I am intending to repeat the process with the bulk of the beanie in the dark grey and the 'grannie' section in the dark purple and the grey mohair, and maybe do another row of 'grannie'.
I went to our 11 year old grandson's Easter Pageant and was so impressed with the children. They had only one rehearsal, lots of the children had lines to say, either the narrative or the 'Easter' roles. It was really moving to see the old story played out so respectfully and sensitively. Then at the end a huge Easter  egg is broken and on the way out of the Church they were all given a piece... a tradition for this school!
Two days catching up in Melbourne with daughter no 1 and the boys, a visit to my dearest friend, June, who has just been on a cruise to NZ and spent a lovely day in Tauranga with Kate at GREEDY FOR COLOUR.
She loved her visit, loved her house, her colour everywhere, her Stanley Rabbit, her dog and 'even' her husband!!
Morning tea in our local village and a grocery trip before so off I go!! Have a happy day!

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