Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The rest of my house is asleep, probably feeling just like this! How does a body, even a dog, find this comfortable to sleep. Having just written that I remember a photo of our now 16 year old grandson asleep in the way when he was a little one, asleep and hanging upside down ass well!!

As the northern hemisphere bloggers are beginning to post their spring blossom and more we 'down south' are beginning to see the autumn colours. I love both the seasons, the richness of life around me and it is a real treat to be reminded of the duality of life. My persimmons are just beginning to colour and one branch has changed into it's autumn reds and oranges.

Kittykat is now finished and there is another on the way. I have just tried to take a photo pf it but it is too early for the right light so I will wait until I have finished writing up this blog and take another one then.
I do seem to have my 'creative bug' back again and have had quite a productive week... I have knitted a beanie for a friend in Christchurch, nearly finished a beanie for a gift but run out of the wool which I have to get in Melbourne, our local town doesn't stock Zara...will get some tomorrow when I go down for two nights.
I began a second beanie but am leaving it to a later day when I add to my stash yet again.

The beanie is from the pattern 'Suzie's circle of hearts' beanie, beret I think it is called. I do think it is such a pretty beanie.

Which reminds me of the new mohair wool I did buy locally, I thought it was just right to add to the granny, it doesn't really show up so I will show you separately.

Why does my camera do this to me sometimes!! It looked normal when I put it on to the computer and now the gremlins have turned it upside down......at least you get the idea!! I am enjoying working through these kittykats, even if the colours are a bit wild, hopefully this will come out just perfectly...for me!!
and now I am off to have my breakfast. Have a happy and contented day today....as I am going to! I shall attack some of the weeds in the garden...in a contented way of course, some house 'stuff' and then this afternoon I am off to my scrabble game with three friends, really good fun and of course good for our brains! It is our answer to the bridge addicts, none of us play, probably couldn't play if the truth be known!! How do they remember all those rules. Scrabble we just have to remember words, not nearly as galling!!!

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  1. You have been busy. I love the wild colours of your kittycats. Makes them so very interesting.
    Enjoy your scrabble game.
    Anne xx