Monday, March 5, 2012


We have had an amazing amount of rain from last Monday to Saturday, 216 mls or 8 1/2 inches. not as much as some and for us quite exciting as it came in heavy bursts with a day or so in between. However there are many areas in the North East of Victoria who have had to be evacuated and the powers that be think it may be some time before they can return home. Water is lying around everywhere and seeping out of the ground, running down the rocks and hill-sides. It is only a few years ago we had 10 inches, 250 mls for the whole year. Mount Buffalo, not so far away had 20 inches, 500 mls, a century plus record. It is hard to imagine here, maybe Queensland... or New Zealand!
 I loved the look of the mist and the rich colours of the wet grass, the depth of the green in the trees and then the patches of blue that appeared yesterday afternoon. I love the rain, especially a wet Sunday where I can curl up with the papers or just read, bliss!

The story of the dog with the fig! I just happened to be in the right spot! 
  I think Bear found the best fig too, most of them were rather waterlogged and not so nice.

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  1. Beautiful Mum - it all looks so lush and green. What a healthy dog you have eating figs! Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.