Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I promised days ago to show off my finshed teacosy but I was rather uncrafty for a couple of weeks. Nevertheless the flowers and the claasp are all complete, and it only took an hour or so to do so. Procrastination!

It looks a bit guany on the side but that isn't really so... I just didn't notice as i was taking the phot, like a good mother who smooths her daughter's hair before the photo is taken! I found a very large press stud at spotlight for the fastener through the handle. I did think it needed to be  covered there as there was rather a big gap there which could add to the cold tea syndrome!

This rose is called Remember Me and it was given to me when our darling son-in-law died 3 1/2 years ago from a brain tumour so it has a special place in mt heart. The rose changes from a tawny orange to the yellow and then to the rich russetty pink. It reminds me of all the stages of grief where one is left with the richness of all the wonderful memories and much of the pain has gone. I am feeling rather melancholy today as we went to the funeral of a very dear and amazing friend, who died from pancreatic cancer, diagnosed only 3 months ago. He wasn't young, 72, but was such a fit and energetic man. He was one of those men who will be remembered and treasured for always, his integrity, his humour, the enormous love for his family....on and on I could go. We were blessed with his friendship. 
 The priest who took the service[at least 85 if not more] told a lovely story about this wonderful man and his wife. They had been to a service he gave at the end of November, so 2 weeks after he was given his prognosis, and afterwards they introduced themselves and with smiling happy faces, they asked if he would do his funeral. As he said, almost if they were inviting him to go on an  overseas trip with them. I guess in a way he was  to be a part of Harry's journey. I am sure they must have felt it was rather a bizarre request when such a fit man was asking for this to take place soon and could see the humour.
Harry was a neighbour before he went to live in the local town. The funeral wasn't held there, in the large church but rather in the small church in our local 'village'. The church overflowed outside, many having to stand. To me one of the lovely things about it all was the procession  from the church, people walking behind the cortege to the cemetery, 300 metres away. So this community followed him, all together in their sadness, united by this man who did live such a good life.
We all have memories of those who have gone before us and our lives are so enriched by their memories.
We had 98 mls of rain on Tuesday and more is expected this afternoon. It is a very still overcast day, one of the 'gentle' days I enjoy. The big one is going through files quietly in the background, I have been tapping away here, looking up things I always think I haven't got time for, and thinking.....and remembering, all good for my soul.

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