Saturday, February 18, 2012


As promised, my old copper jam pan, loaded with wool and WIPs, odd things I still want to read, lists, the last book I read waiting to go back to the library, etc, etc

Nestled on the top is my challenge, a tea cosy!

A very odd shape I thought! Well, I fiddled and diddled, crochet seemed to best as I could sculpture it along the way. There were many pullouts, trying one way and then another but eventually I arrived on something, not perfect, but OK!

One of my delays in showing you was I couldn't get the right colour green with my camera and I didn't want you to see the sickly colour that kept on emerging. I tried all the different settings and this was the best... for evening and morning colours. Whatever works!
It isn't finished yet, there is going to be a posy of flowers on top and something else as well. Next time!
Then my two lovely new books from the library..


There are lots of patterns, including some really cute creatures  such as this owl, done with french knitting! what a marvellous way to inspire young crafters, even a combined effort with a mum or a granny finishing it off. I really love the cat and there are others such as the giraffe and the rooster...

This book has patterns for crochet, knitting and french knitting and I know my imagination will work overtime when I' looking at the pictures. I think Cute creatures has to be my favourite! Hard to pick though.

But this too is really cute, especially if you like monsters..and these monsters are so colourful and weird!!

I do love getting your comments, very encouraging when I am just getting going again. Always so good to hear others' thoughts.  So thankyou to those who do comment, especially my very loyal daughter, Kate at greedy for colour and a new reader to me, home girl at Daisies, Doilies and Donkeys
 Hope you enjoy the tea cosy but please do not ask me to give you a pattern!!!!!

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  1. Thankyou for the peek at your lovely old jampan, I think your pile of WIP's looks like a lovely winter project! Its so difficult though when enticing new books and patterns keep appearing and diverting you from projects already under construction! I think you are very clever designing and making a cosy for such a tricky shaped pot.