Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My morning walk

I have been walking most mornings early and of course the first thing I hear when I set out is the 'raucous' 'cacophany' of the cockatoos! then I see them, dangling from the trees and soaring up into the sky when they see either the dogs or me or both...equally dangerous they think.

These mountain lorikeets I saw this morning are much QUIETER and more enjoyable...and don't do as much damage although they do have a liking for the lovely new growth on roses...not so good!
The next photos are of my panicked half an hour...can you guess?

 The top is of a culvert under our farm track, showing really nothing...except a blocked culvert!
The next...our guest jack russel dog hysterically barking and trying to dig frantically, dust flying out. She would not listen to my entreaties to come out and of course I imagined the worst. That sort of barking would have to mean a snake at the very least....maybe a prickly echidna...can't possibly be a rabbit. The retriever was with me, anxious and trying to look too. So I got the camera out but as you can see , not with much luck. By this time I was nearly in tears, our grandchildren's pet, how could I tell them Minnie was lost to us forever. I gave up and went home, nothing I coud do but go back later if she hadn't returned home. Which of course she did, rather dusty and weary! Thus the end of my 'peaceful walk' in the lovely fresh morning air!!
I promise next blog I will show you you my latest WIP, one of many that sit in my old jam pan [copper] beside my chair.
Also I will show you two great books from the library, new to our shelves, some very cute animals and aliens, knitted, crocheted and even some with french knitting.
See you next time!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos - if you wanted to make me a little homesick I think you have just achieved it.... Love Kate xxooxx

  2. I often pop in and have a look at your blog, and have missed your posts. So pleased your little dog is home safe. Looking forward to seeing the WIPs in the jampan,I have an old brass one with WIPs too.(as well as other little hidey places where they jump out unexpectedly and beg to be FP's)