Monday, February 13, 2012


 A long time since my last post was written, just lots of things getting in the way. Christmas, family, LIFE , and lots more, mostly good! Today is a new day! I am sort of organized, having had a walk, the house is OK and the house is quiet except for our old Lab snoring gently in the background. I have been organizing my photos and at last have some idea of the new and very complicated programme that came with the new camera. I am so grateful to number 2 daughter for spending what seemed like hours sorting it out and simplifying it for me.

These two sisters left home before Christmas to go to a kindergarten  baby fair as they wanted to have an adventure. Luckily they found a new home so there are all sorts of possibilities awaiting them. I was rather sad to see them go as I loved making them. Still, that is the way of the world, mothers create and their creations leave the home nest, babies and crocheted creatures alike.

A budding tennis player!!

Owls up in the tree at the back door. We love to see them there, occasionally there have been up to four, other times just the one. We know they are there when the little honeyeaters in the tree go beserk with their 'ch ch ch ch'. They obviously feel very threatened!

We have the little jack russel called Minnie staying with us, she is very happy here as you can see, snuggled between Bear, the retriever ....young and Orak, the lab... old! Bear and Minnie are great pals, Minnie literally swings from Bear's ear, he sometimes yelps but mostly pretends to chew her in retaliation with the most gentle mouth!

And then to sleep!

I intend writing now every two or three days so just have to get back into the swing of it.  It was taking me ages every photo I uploaded but that is much quicker now and so a blog  post won't take me all morning as it was. 
See you soon!

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  1. What a treat Mum!!! The dogs look so happy - I love the rose and think the little tennis spectator is hilarious. I just want to see more!!! Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.