Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are proud to announce the safe although at times problematic arrival of our PINK CATTYCAT. I am so pleased to see her here and already making herself quite at home!

                                                       As you can see he feels very relaxed with the birds and the dogs, in fact has told me to go and check the quinces at the bottom of the garden. I found this one and only near our garden gate, I think the birds have got the rest.
I was inspired by the library book I showed you some time ago but returned it when I decided I would rather do my own version..... she has a crocheted face, hands and feet while the rest is knitted.

I thought I had a photo of the original but can't see it at the moment.
I am loving the sedum, autumn joy as they are changing colour, almost daily.

going from the softest green to the palest pink, through to raspberry

Then they move on the brown which I am not so keen on but is is a rich colour all the same.

As i walked away from the sedum this morning I just spied my double delight rose peeping out from the easter daisies that are filling my garden at the moment. All chaos but so pretty. 
Have a happy day!!


  1. I love your cat, too cute. Your sedums are lovely, autumn is such a lovely time of the year.
    Anne xx

  2. How much fun Mum - and I love your sedums - I only have a very pale pink one at the moment and would give anything for you deep raspberry one.