Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I do love owls and every now and then we are 'granted' a visit from either one or two owls. They sit right at the back of the house underneath the canopy of a huge photinia which is nestled into a rough barked Arizona cypress, both trees planted many years ago. This is the first time I have taken satisfactory photos, I decided to use the setting for 'inside' and it worked!

Autumn seems to be starting and mushrooms appearing. Some up to 18 cms across. We had family here over the long weekend we have just had so didn't get around to taking the photos. These we collected the next day, all around the farm. We have had two lovely feeds but some of this lot were a bit past it so may try some soup or risotto...very black soup or risotto.
Today I am having some lovely time on my own as the big one has gone to Melbourne to the dentist. I absolutely adore him but I still like to have the feeling SOMETIMES of being on my own, delicious!!

It is a lovely gentle morning, beautiful clouds filling the sky and I think there could be some thunderstorms later. I am on to the second load of washing and when I finish that the shower awaits and THEN a cup of tea and into  my version of the owl. And I have a cold so I'm not doing too must be that bit of space I have today!!
Have a lovely gentle day today my readers and if you care to comment I would be delighted!!


  1. Hi Aubrey,
    I do hope your cold is not giving you too much bother.
    I love the photo of those two owls, the live ones that is. The other are very cut too. They are just gorgeous and you are very lucky to have been able to photograph them.
    Time by ourselves is really lovely every now and again and it certainly sounds like you've been enjoying your space.
    Have a lovely evening,
    Anne xx

  2. Those owls are so gorgeous, we sometimes hear a little german owl at night, and we have 2 blue herons who live in the trees behind our house, its special having wildlife living alongside isn't it.You are having such a great creative time, and yes some alone time is always savoured...why does it feel different I wonder.Can't wait to see your owly finished.
    Hope your cold is gone soon.