Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The start of something new

I have been feeling my life is out of balance, the days slide by and what have I done. Nothing much creative, wanting to begin again and then this morning bingo!!!!!

You I know will see a mess! however I see progress.

Please excuse the sideways owl! I did correct it..I thought... but it didn't take and I HAVEN'T GOT TIME TO DO IT AGAIN NOW!! And it isn't finished by a long way!! Inspired by an owl card my lovely niece gave me for my birthday and SIXTY ONE A with her collage. The other thing that jelled was that I have a great pile fg New Zealand House and Garden at least 10 years old that I couldn't throw out as I have loved them all. Then I decided I would go through them and tear out all the recipes and inspiring, craft, people. Then today I thought why not!! Just a new direction for them AND it has ignited me to come back into the fold of creativity!!
Who knows what I will do next, it might even be painting. 
Now it is back to cleaning as I have promised myself I would get a couple of rooms done... the dog hair is piling up!!
Happy creating every-one from someone who has begun again

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  1. That's ace Mum - Your owl brought a huge smile to my face! Lots of love, Kate xxooxxooxx.