Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finished beanie, Easter and More

I am so pleased to have finally finished the beanie, here being modelled by our George, watching early morning television. He is grandson no 2 from Melbourne staying here by himself while the others went back to Melbourne for the night. They are collecting very old and dear friends from London and they will all come here tonight for two nights. it will be very different for the 'English', being here on the farm. I'm so pleased it is green everywhere, the days should be lovely, then nights cold so fires are mandatory. The 13 yr olds will be camping close to the house....will get dressed to go to bed I am sure!! While the tent was empty last night I toyed with the idea of having a night in it but as the forecast was for 4deg. I decided electric blanket and my bed were too important!

These photos were all taken by George who happened to pick up my camera ans began fiddling with it, my precious camera! he is 11 by the way and as all 11 year olds are can be very responsible!! I bravely said he could go and experiment with it and these photos are the result. I so wish I had taken the last one, perfect timing with the sun just going down, the sillouette of the trees and the touch of green!! He even reminded me of some of the settings I had forgotten about. What is it about children and gadgets.... they just understand and are not afraid of jumping in and trying things....needless to say I was very impressed. The other thing that interested me is that he takes photos from a different angle, in other words he is shorter than I am, so the camera is lower... for example the creamy rose is at a much higher angle for him, against the sky. Not very well explained but I am sure you will understand!!

                                                             Well done George!!
We had a lovely Easter, our son from Sydney, the Melbourne 'lot', with our local family here  for the day. Easter Bunny did a great job, very generous he was with the little ones amazed at how many they found. the bigger ones love the hunt too.. for the results which are all pooled and then divided up, the oldest one's task!
i haven't been able to stop so TODAY it is essential. I have sadly got the chocolate taste back and there will have to be better disciplining of my wishes...urges....desires...WHATEVEEEEER!! I read in one blog, 'it should be Happy Eater, not Happy Easter. I do agree. just not right!!
Have a happy day, I nearly said have a happy eater but luckily stopped myself in time!! A bit of cooking for me today and fresh sheets on the visitors beds, hopefully being reasonably organised for the visitors. Also shopping to replenish the food supplies. Maybe just 'feed them...not cake but Easter eggs that are still littering the house! Oh, and I forgot, some picking up of all the tiny pieces of foil... from Easter eggs... that seem to be growing every where I look. See you all soon!!

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