Tuesday, April 3, 2012


On Sunday I was determined to go into my studio and spend THE day there as lately it has been a treat for when I have finished something else, then things get in the way and my so called 'treat doesn't happen. Well, I did, mostly spend the day although some time was spent in front of the computer looking at demonstrations for a new to me 'paper'....yupo or as I asked in the art shop in Melbourne, yuppy paper. The first girl didn't know what I was talking about but thankfully someone else did! I do get words muddled sometimes!!!
anyway I did buy a sheet of the yupo which is not rally paper at all but it is a sort of plastic pretend paper. It is fascinating to use, like painting on glass. The paint sits on top, it needs to dry before you can paint on top of it without losing what you have already done. But the effects are lovely, can be almost like painting on silk I think.
I have a long way to go with it and have only experimented so far.

If you don't like what you have done you can just wipe it out, even when it is dry, this has happened here and I am left with a very delicate base that I will build on.

In this one I used a roller and squidged the paint around, good fun. The square shape I just removed with some damp paper and a stencil...and then some paint washed on to it later by mistake...so I will just go back and wipe again. I sadly only bought one sheet so will have to wait for another trip to Melbourne. A long way to go yet but fun to try another paper.

The Manchurian pear has just begun to turn, the solanum is in full bloom, better than ever with the rain we have had...it is even darker than the photo shows, so pretty against the coloured leaves of the pear.
Have a happy, peaceful and or contented day. I think it is contentment I look for, sometimes hard when things are not quite going my way, or house work... contentment in all things, more Buddhist would be good!


  1. The garden and all of your roses are looking beautiful Mum - you will have to tell me more about the paper when you are over. Love Kate xxooxx.

    1. I will try to bring some over...it is so different. Love Mum

  2. That paper looks very interesting. Nice to hear you had some time in your studio too.
    Loving your garden flowers.
    Anne xx