Thursday, April 19, 2012


When i checked the persimmons on Saturday a spider dangled down on his tiny thread from the fruit but as you would know by the time I had camera in hand he had clambered back to safety. I'm not that keen on spiders but this one had the most beautiful golden zig-zag stripe up each side of his body.

Then he hid his face so that I couldn't see him!!
On my side bar I put a couple of my favourite books some time ago and of course it should be updated.  I am in the middle of reading Helen Brown's second book, about her second cat, a Siamese called Jonah.

Years ago we had a Siamese called Shah...Jonah's eyes bring our Shah right back into my arms, the purr and the yowl when we had chicken cooking. Kate at Greedy for Colour loved him to bits, was devastated when he disappeared, presumably to have had an accident somewhere. This book is just as delightful as the first with the challenge of breast cancer thrown in along with a daughter wanting to be a Buddhist nun in Sri Lanka and the cat playing havoc with them all. Helen Brown writes the way it is, with so much self-depracating humour, how she misunderstands and judges said daughter...don't we all at times! I am loving it, so thankyou Helen Brown!

Two beanies for loved teachers at the boy's school in Malvern, both having boys within two or three weeks of each other. I need to get back to beanies as there are two more due before too long....just wish I knew what they were because I could then pre-knit!!

The second photo was taken through my window, this one tried to get seed but the dish bounced away from him and he jumped away in fright. Then she tried to hold the dish with her beak but that didn't help much as she couldn't eat AND hold the dish so she had the bright idea of holding it with her foot...she did eat some seed but it was a very tentative try and then she heard the camera click and off she went.
I had my early cup of tea in bed yesterday morning and I saw the Eastern Rosellas from my bed, then had to race to get the camera. There were four of them to begin with as well as two Choughs drinking water just behind them on the rock wall. A lovely sight ..and sound...first thing. Much better than the raucous screeching of the cockatoos and the corellas the morning before

One of the corellas.

And one of the cockatoos.
I am into our local town today to visit a dear friend, shop and of course my compulsory visit to the library where I know there are books waiting for me, exciting!!


  1. Those cockatos are SO noisy. When I was going for my walk the other day, there was a baby on (adult sized) begging for food. What a racket it was making.
    Nothing sweeter than getting books from the library. Enjoy!
    Anne xx

  2. I bought the book for when you came to stay!!!!!! Photos are beautiful but check your persimmons before you eat them. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.