Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eastern rosellas are attacking so there had to be an instant pick yesterday, the birds all seem so intelligent, sniffing out what is ready to eat and pouncing. the persimmons, in the first photo, are always welcome just to decorate the house and suggest autumn, as do the pomegranates below. Sadly I missed the quinces as by the time I went to the bottom of the garden there weren't any left at all. I adore the smell of ripening quinces wafting by me as I walk past. Greedy for Colour says she has frozen some for me when I go there in two weeks....I will enjoy them so much!
The plum tree at the back door and the crab-apple in the garden are both confused with our weather, they seem to have forgotten they don't flower now, maybe they just don't want to believe it will be winter before too long. I don't agree if that is the case..I love autumn and spring, loving all the colours and then the fresh new growth but there is something about winter with the evenings closing in, curtains drawn, cosy fires and good excuses to sit there, quietly contemplating, knitting, crocheting, reading ......or just sitting with the dogs curled up beside me.
Enough for today, I am going to enjoy my Sunday, a walk then into my studio for a couple of hours, a read of the papers, there are some things that have to be done but hopefully not too many, perhaps just in 'small bites' as the big one says.It is another beautiful day in paradise here in the north-east, I hope it is with you too!

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  1. Hi Mum, I'm loving seeing all of the garden and its produce - tell George I am extremely impressed with his photography. Right now we are in the Queen Charlotte Sound between Havelock and Picton at a place called Momarangi Bay. We stayed here last time and decided it is one of our favourite places in the world. The boys are fishing and I have discovered we can get the internet here. Will do a post tomorrow. Love Kate xxooxx.