Sunday, August 5, 2012


When we brought our girls home they were 18 weeks old and we were told to expect eggs when they turned 20 weeks. Well, we must have had at least one precocious chook as the first egg arrived last Sunday and we have had one every day since then. the large egg is a normal supermarket egg, the tiniest egg is the very first...soft shelled. As is the broken one.

The eggs have grown over the days and I am wondering at this stage whether we will have two today, the first having arrived about 8.30 this morning when the big one went out to give them their cracked wheat porridge.
We did have chooks years ago but neither of us can remember  much about them so these are like our first! One of the 'joys' I guess of growing older and having what I like to call an overload of the computer [brain] and forgetting things is that we can enjoy everything as though it were new!! I am not really as bad as that, perhaps a bit dotty but no more!

I had a friend to stay for a few days last week after she had a shoulder operation. These lovely roses were a little thankyou, a much deeper red than the photo shows, in the white jug they have looked quite stunning.
I loved being able to help her as she would do anything for me but I didn't bargain on her being such a chatterer.! I value my quiet times as much as she valued having someone to talk to...she has been a widow for 4 years and misses her husband dreadfully. You can imagine that I felt rather guilty being relieved when she could manage at home. Years ago an old lady said to 'never consider a kindness until one considers the end' and maybe this is an example. I love this friend dearly but perhaps in small bites in the future!! Does anyone else feel these pangs of guilt when at last one can breathe a sigh of relief when one's space is one's own. When family stay I can always go off to my bed for a nap or a read or just some PEACE AND QUIET!! They understand as they are all tarred with the same brush!! We need QUIET!!
I truly mean to write once a week but life has taken over. Now I have some arthritis in my back and have been told to quieten down so perhaps with more regular slower days I will write more. so we will see....that is my plan anyway. I have thought I can still do everything, my mind thinks I can but the body isn't quite agreeing and for a while at least I have to be much more careful of what I do. 
I hope you are all having some quiet time today and not filling it with all the jobs which should have been done eerly in the week or those needing to be done so that next week will be easier.

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