Friday, August 31, 2012


We have a new shop in town,probably not popular with the local dentists but it is fun for all the children.....including the adult children. It is run by a mother and daughter originally from England and the mother has remembered the sweet shops of her childhood, luckily for us. It is also somewhere to go for coffee [or tea] and cake, somewhere relaxing and no pressure from all the busy ones who rush into get their lunch before going back to work. As there are many English people living at the local army 'camp' she has had enquiries for particular sweets the remember from home and Jan has tried to get these old favourites as well.

I took our 11 yr and 13 yr old grandsons when they were with us a couple of weeks ago and they fell in love with the place, especially as they are half English! They weren't too keen on sharing with their mother or their pa when they got home but I don't think they minded too much. In one of those lovely syncronicities of life I received a library book I had ordered called WELCOME TO ROSIE HOPKINS' SWEET SHOP OF DREAMS by Jenny Colgan. She mentions so many of the sweets Jan has including the sugar mice, a new addition I saw today. the book is very light, a chick book, easy to read if you like the subject.

Yesterday I played..minded  a wee grandson who is just delightful. He is so funny, knows he is and keeps on, bringing so much joy to every-one. I am fascinated by the way he now lines up all the cars in the same way every grandson, and even a grandaughter has done in the past in our family. It must be a 'stage', the car lining up stage! he plays by himself, all the same imaginative games the others have played, lost in his own a good way!! I love to see imagination being used like this. They know the story they are creating, even when they don't yet have the words with which to tell us.

I lay on the floor to do some exercises this morning and before too long, almost instantly, I had two friends, one lying on my foot and the other literally lying with his face on mine, making smooching noises. He did have the grace to then lie beside me but still had to rest his face on my arm. He does make me laugh. He did settle down to sleep but when he heard the camera click he opened his eyes to see what was happening.

I can't believe it is Friday again, have a lovely weekend, love filled!

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