Friday, August 10, 2012


 I know you have seen the first photo but thought [?] you needed a reminder of our first eggs. even the tiniest had a yolk ...amazing wee hen!! scrambled egg never tasted so good!

We let the chooks out in the afternoon and it makes me laugh to see them streaking along the verandah to find tasty tidbits on the other side of the house. They now know that when we feed the rosellas that come in a lot of residue falls onto the ground. all in all a real smorgasbord awaits them when they leave their house!

I have been having such trouble grafting the toes together on these socks but now think I am OK. The toes on each have been pulled out so many times so keep your fingers crossed for me this time.

Our baby cootamundra wattle is flowering, such a cheerful sight after the grey and drizzly days we have had along with icy winds straight from the south Pole. We have two very happy shrubs, a real joy. I hope your weekend is as joyful and sunny as these wattles!

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  1. love your chookies, good luck with the socks!! I have never knitted socks but need to pluck up courage and try. Have a happy week