Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I had a lovely wander through the garden a little while ago, the blossom has taken off in all its' glorious delicate beauty. The bees were all there busily buzzing away and although I took a photo of the bee in action, it was too blurry to use. This is the manchurian pear, we have three in a little group and they look positively bridal!

The Cootamundra  Wattle

Almond tree....never any almonds.

The old almond, gnarled and twisted, probably won't be around for much longer but then I have been saying that for 12 years!!

Another very old tree, a dark plum. delicious fruit but we rarely get to eat it as the wretched birds know as soon as the fruit is ripe  and they are ll gone by the time I wake up to the fact it is harvest time!!

One of 'our' currawongs, coming in to feed, very tentatively, from our bird feeder. Any whiff of anything being out of place and he is off.

Can you see the currawong flying off, I just captured him....he was perched on the branch just behind him. I had crouched down and thought I had got him...just not quite. Their song is so melodic, really beautiful and we love listening to them off in the trees below the house.

This log is a perching place, again just below the house. there is a creek flowing past and the only sounds are from the birds...bliss.

And now for my socks miracle or the hand of the Universe showing through. Greedy for Colour Kate had sent me the wool to knit a pair of 'comfort' socks for a young friend who had tragically lost her little boy. as some readers may remember I had trouble with the kitchener stitch at the toes and other problems. I must have pulled out more knitting than I actually knitted but finish I did. Now the wriggly worms you see on the table mat are the ONLY pieces of wool left over from the wool Kate sent me. The perfect amount arrived and my weighing the wool and making two exactly the same size balls of the wool worked it out EXACTLY!!!!!

Mrs Stickybeak  popping around the corner of our verandah to see what she could see.

A special boy with a special Mrs Hen

Busy busy busy!

Two special friends, a grandpa and his grandson. Charlie loves to hang out with Pa, I wonder what they are discussing!!

A long post this time, trying to make up for all the times I just don't get to the computer. I look forward to next time!! Be happy...and contented!

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  1. Amazing to think that is Charlie strolling through the garden with Pa - he is so tall. And G. looks so old too! Love seeing all the blossom, our's is starting to come out too. Lots and lots of love, Kate xxooxx.