Monday, August 1, 2011

Some favourite days

We had a lovely trip to see the Eildon dam,in the north east of Victoria, 90% full, a few days ago. Two years ago it was 3% full... a huge difference. It was once the spot for water skiing, fishing, house boats etc but this hasn't been possible for years.  We took a picnic, ate under the gumtrees on the way there, something we really love doing.

 I just happened to look on my bench and saw the collection of yellow, funny how suddenly something strikes the eye, mundane, every day things and there they are!

And of course it is wattle time again, such a happy shrub!! Actually wattles seem to flower most of the time. The pale yellow ones seem to be the first during late Autumn, the as the weather becomes more gloomy we get the vivid yellow.
This morning I am off to our local 'village' for our Ist Monday of the month morning tea. It can be any number, from 2-3 to 12-14. It is so good to have this regular catch-up, we just know there will be someone!
Have a beautiful day!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your photos of Eildon. It's so exciting to see it full of water again and 90% is pretty good considering it was almost dry 2 years ago.
    I remember you like the colour yellow from you posts from about this time last year. Actually, I think I missed the anniversary of me starting my blog last year. Too many other things on my mind.
    How is your farm looking? Is it turning out to be a good season for you?
    Enjoy your evening,
    Anne xx