Monday, August 8, 2011


When Greedy for Colour stayed a few weeks ago we went shopping to Spotlight and bought cushions for our beigey couch. With her encouragement we came home with these lovely cushions which are just right for our sitting room, brightening up the energy of the room. Sadly the photo doesn't show them to the best advantage as we have a very grey day and I DO want to write a post.When the sun comes out I will try again. 
I had been knitting but felt like something else  to enable me feel more energized and creative, especially when Kate was horrified to hear I wasn't doing anything. So... out came the wools and I began the granny square  cushion. It does have more life than it shows here so I will definitely take more, again when the sun comes out.
Doing the crochet also has inspired me to knit beanies again. They are for such a good cause, the Christchurch babies but you can only do a few at a time.Talking about the beanie,s a friend has begun knitting for the babies too and we will have a parcel to send off next week.
There  is no doubt though that creativity inspires creativity. It just needs to happen especially for the happiness factor!

Some snippets from the garden, these definitely add to the happiness factor too.
We have had nearly an inch of rain this weekend, making everything really squishy outside, puddles again. If only I didn't have the 'mother voice' always at the back of my head as I am sure I really would like to take off my shoes and socks and splash through the puddles....or just splash, shoes on and all!! But no, I am sensible and just look at the puddles and think...
The farm is much happier than it was during the drought, plenty of grass just waiting to pop up through the dry grass that has stayed there from last season. We have dairy cows here on adjistment at the moment but they are starting to go home as their calving seems imminent, in dribs and drabs as they are ready.

I have been on the internet for ages today trying to make sense of booking flights online. At last have finished it and have just rung Kate to say I will be with them all at the end of October. I have also booked for Perth at the end of the month to see our family there. Our 14 month granddaughter and two g-sons, 13 and 15. I haven't seen the boys for a long time so know they will be bigger and even more gorgeous!
And now it is dinner time so off to work I go1

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