Friday, August 12, 2011


 The cushion cover is coming on and I am so pleased with the colours. I have played around with the photo and think these colours are more like they should be. I often find my photos are not quite right as far as colours go but I am slowly learning a few tricks of the trade!

And the beanies for the Christchurch babies are also coming on. A friend has completed the ones in the first photo and mine are the second. This will be 'it' for a while as I feel a bit beanied out and want to get on with some other projects, painting as well. It was lovely to receive the bundle from my friend and she has loved doing them as well. 
The computer is incredibly slow today and keeps timing out so I'm thinking I have loaded something and am waiting waiting for it to go through when I realize that I have no no more photos today.
Yesterday I went to a rose specialist nursery and came home with two special treats, a Mutabalis and a
General Galliani, two that daughter Kate often talks about. It is fun for the two of us to have the same albeit in different countries.As a family we love to swap bits fro the garden and it is very frustrating not to send Kate back to NZ with a cutting or two. at least this way we can talk about what our rose is doing!! Now my problem is where to put them, maybe I'll do a bit of shifting first. it is a beautiful day today so am looking forward to getting outside. A light frost made writing this blog first was a more attractive proposition though.
 I hope you all have a lovely weekend as i will, the forecast is good so probably will be outside, otherwise i will go on with the painting I have begun...I may show it later...if I like what I am doing!!


  1. The cushion will be wonderful mum - the colours are so full of joy. You have to show what you have been painting!!! Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

  2. Your cushion is looking great and the beanies a gorgeous. Please share you painting, I'd love to see it.
    Anne xx