Sunday, August 14, 2011



DO YOU RECALL THIS PHOTO FROM A FEW DAYS AGO? I have loved looking out from my kitchen window to these daffodils, they were a bit of a treat for me as they are meant to be tiny ones.
This morning there were 3 lying on the ground beside the pot! The .......COCKATOOS have  been  at it again!!
They are the most cunning of birds and we had a rogue here yesterday when we were all out and the dogs were snoring their heads off inside the house. They just know when there is something yummy around and will pounce, even to chewing and sometimes destroying western red cedar doors and windows, something that happened to us when the house was being built. 


And this is what is left! lovely to have inside but it is not the same as having my 'living' pot to cheer me when I wash the dishes!! Do you see the tiny tiny daffodil! What a treasure!! I think they were all meant to be like this. AND they ATE the bulbs!!! I wondered and then saw the remains of the bulbs on the ground as well.
  Cockatoos are so beautiful, especially when you see them in a flock, whirling up against the blue sky, pure white with the blue, singing magic. They have a cacophonous shriek especially as a 'choir' and they are NAUGHTY! We often have them around in 'bulk', the first thing we hear in the morning, as soon as day breaks they are squarking, all together now, 1 2 3 and off they go.Today I am very cross but no doubt will forgive them...until next time when they chop off my roses or other treasures.

Now for my dear Kate and Anne  who have asked for a photo of my painting, here is one...not finished yet but well on the way....water lillies I loved when we had a holiday in Port Douglas years ago.

It's on the way!
I have book group tomorrow and for once I have finished the book, THE HARE WITH AMBER EYES written by Edmund De Waal. It is a wonderful story of a collection of netsuke, the amazingly tiny figurines carved by Japanese artists many years ago. I loved it, a wonderful story of this man's family, following the trail of the netsuke collection which members of his family had collected. Very well written. I did struggle with all the names and dates to begin with but then loved it all.
Have a good week every-one, see you soon.

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  1. Those cockatoos are a pest at times. We have them down here and love stripping trees for the fun of it. How very naughty to eat your bulbs. If wish they would eat onion weed bulbs. The Dandenong Ranges would be well rid of this weed if they did.
    Your painting is gorgeous. So soft and filled with light. Looking forward to seeing more and thank you so much for posting a photo.
    Enjoy your week,
    Anne xx