Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We have had a lovely few days and although my photo is not the best I can see that spring is almost here. Not that i would think that today as we have a real winter's day, a cold wind rain blowing in and I am glad to be inside.
But in the spirit of love for my readers, I have just been out to take two more photos I wanted to take yesterday but couldn't as the battery had gone flat...bother..! it is freezing, so cold that the computer actually feels warm.

This is the very last flower on my flowering apricot, right down at the graft! There is a tiny bud as well just behind it, both exquisite. The rest of the blossom has dropped, any remaining would have blown away this morning.

Just at the back of this garden there is a peep of my new camellia, a very pretty pinky red. I am hoping it is nestled away from too much intense summer heat. I do love to see the touch of colour as I walk out the back door or when in the laundry.
 I finished pruning and feeding the roses yesterday, another job done. I always leave them until now as we often have late frosts that can be quite  damaging. we have actually had a good clean-up in the garden as we have cousins from England coming for lunch tomorrow, always a good excuse for a clean-up! It is the house today, just as well we did it yesterday.
Beautiful rain!


  1. Lovely to see your garden and new camellia. You aren't getting washed away up there are you? I heard there was a lot of rain heading up that way.
    Anne xx

  2. my japonica has blossomed too!!! Hard to believe Spring is on its way but I am so pleased as it brings you to me. Love Kate xxooxx.