Monday, August 1, 2011


We had grandchildren to stay for the weekend and this design was created by grand-daughter who will be 5 in October. She gets an idea into her head and from there she it all out herself and only when finished does she appear with whatever it is. The poor old doll is nearly past it, her hair is definitely in the 'bad hair day' mode EVERY day. Last week she had to have surgery as her arm had come off and it was left for Pa and Nanna to operate on. With four hands necessary, two of them big farmer hands, we were able to attach arm back on...quite a difficult job. I do hope you like the decorations, back and front views both being showed


  1. What a fantastic idea. I am so impressed with that young lady. If only I could do that to the boys on days when we run out of clean clothes. Love Kate xxooxx

  2. Gorgeous design. I hope you are contacting the big fashion houses in Paris telling them to be prepared for the arrival of a talented Australian designer in a few years. I love what kids come up with, just gorgeous.
    Anne xx