Friday, July 22, 2011


This cheeky fox and his friend ran across our verandah last week, down the steps onto the lawn! I had just finished a nap when they caught my eye so dashed down to tell the grandsons who were staying here. By this time this one was perched up on a rock wall, looking into the house so I grabbed the camera and ran around the house to find him looking through the fence at me, such a beautiful creature with such a bad reputation!

 While the boys and their mother were holidays.... we had a drive up to our special Rim of Heaven, rocks where we can look so far over the countryside down below and beyond. We took our lunch and just sat there, soaking it all up and enjoying the sunshine.
 Last week I showed the flowers E brought me home from the farm, the happy wanderer or sarsparella. Well, on the way back from our picnic I DISCOVERED the site of the plant....

 Just beautiful!!!
We also have a new grandson, haven't seen him yet but fingers, toes crossed we see him this weekend. This little fellow is E's first blood grandson so I suggested he goes off by himself and buys something just from him.

The most beautiful, soft cuddly Eeyore, with a gorgeous soft tickley tail, a tail which his cousin Hugo, from would thoroughly approve of. He has TedTed who has a very worn out tail that he tickles his nose with when cuddling TedTed. Hugo has made, with Kate's help, a rabbit for the new little fellow and this rabbit HAD to have a ticley tail! E was so happy with his Eeyore, as were we, the audience waiting at home!!
I have been busy too and have made a little friend for Eeyore.....

And a cardigan and a little beanie. I am a bit worried as they might be a bit small for him as he was 9 1/2 lbs and the days are slipping past! Never mind, I can do some more!!

Two friends!
I am hoping to write more regularly, life just gets in the way as every-one knows. However school holidays are over, yes they can be a busy time for grannies too! I have nearly caught up in the house and then it is into the garden. It is the most glorious day today and it is almost a crime not to be outside. Have a good weekend every-one and I will see you very soon!!!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous colours Mum!! I love them all together. I can't wait to show the boys the photo of the fox too. How can they be sooo cute and do soo much damage... and yet I can't stop having a soft spot for them. lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

  2. I do love your photo of the fox, so pretty and yes they do much damage to lambs and chooks.
    Loving your makes for the new baby. I just love home knits for little ones.
    Have a lovely weekend,
    Anne xx