Friday, July 1, 2011


I have been having problems with this new computer and had thought everything was ironed out until yesterday when it tripped me up again. It is amazing what a rest can do, not only for the computer but for me as well. Today the computer isn't giving me the nasty messages such as 'bad request' when it has to save material which is what happened to me yesterday.
It has been catching up time here since Kate went home, layers of ash dust from our wood heater and accumulated 'stuff' needing to be put away. The vacuum cleaner has been busy too and then there is the garden crying out, needing attention.
While she was here we had some lovely crafting times...

I finished this vest and beanie for our beautiful grand-daughter in Perth .

I knitted the beanie for my eldest girl who is now knitting a scarf to match, her first knitting for a very long time. Of course I am delighted to see the needles being used!

And the beanie and hippo are for a friend's new grandson, they still have to be packed up and sent so I am still enjoying the colour combination.
And there was a jumper in these colours for my beautiful smiley grandson , nearly 6 months old. It won't last him for long though as he seems to have a long back and he is growing at the rate of knots, before our very eyes!!


If you look closely you can just see the 'fairy sign post ' in the grass! In reality it is half a black mushroom/toadstool half eaten! I don't think we will be eating any of these fungi any time soon.....they don't look as they would do us much good!

We have water in our dams now, thanks to all the rain we had over the last twelve or more months. I never fail to see the beauty in all that water lying there.....

and if you look carefully there were two ducks enjoying it as well, 'doing what they oughta, swimming in the water', do you remember the lovely gravelly voice  of Burl Ives singing this song?!! Probably too long ago for most people!!

Our dairy cows, here on adjistment for 2-3 months munching happily outside our garden. There is something very satisfying listening to the munching, connection to nature, to the earth. 

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  1. You are so quick Mum - I can't believe you have finished Anna's beanie already... and you say you have a clean house too... Thank you so much for this post, it makes me feel as though I have just popped over for a cup of tea. Love Kate xxooxx.