Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Well, I am trying to convince myself that it is all wonderful and of course I do believe it is ...wonderful that is....apart from the odd moment, such as the wind coming from the Antarctic makes the temperature plummet even more! and my fingers are cold, or suddenly wood has to be put on the fire. I know I shouldn't complain as the wood is brought to the door by my loving husband every day and all I have to do is to walk out the door.

This is this morning, beautiful flowering apricot with it's delicious fragrance, the first blossom in our garden every year. However the photo doesn't show the rain  drizzling, the water everywhere. Again I am not complaining....I love the rain and remember very clearly how it felt to have no puddles lying around!!!

BUT this was last week!! Blue skies, cool but all beautiful!

Last week I went to the new Aldi store in our local town, just to investigate as you do. I find it all a bit bewildering with the different brands but have come to appreciate their chocolate. Also their flowers. I came home with a bunch of lillies, not scented sadly but still lovely. FOR $5.00!!!! I told my dear husband, even commenting I would not be averse to receiving cheap flowers from Aldi's. 

On Friday he came back from town, walked into the sitting room with the biggest smile on his face, hands behind his back and asked me to guess what he had behind his back!! Not difficult at all!! A lovely bunch of yellow roses. Do you know, I love the roses but it was the smile that really did it for me!!  He was so pleased with himself, as he said, taking the hint from me!
 Normally my 'bunch of flowers'....called that by me...tends to be the firewood every day, the cups of tea in bed every morning, the car serviced regularly, etc, etc. all those thoughtful things that are done on a regular basis for my benefit. No fuss, he just does it for me, all to make my life easier and to flow better. An ode to my husband, how lucky am I.


  1. All that and flowers - you are very lucky - I think from the description of Pa's smile, that the flowers brought him almost as much happiness too!! Love Kate xxooxx.

  2. Hi Aubrey,
    How lovely to see you posting again. I've missed seeing what has been happening in your neck of the woods.
    Your flowering apricot is gorgeous and looks stunning against the blue sky.
    The yellow roses are beautiful, your hubby sounds like a real sweetie!
    Anne xx