Monday, November 8, 2010

Glimpses Of Our Life

Last night as I was about to cook dinner there was a sparkling shower of rain in the very late sunshine. The colours in the garden were you can see!!

Then there was a rainbow!!! Can you see it? My little wonderful camera just couldn't cope but I had to show you! I needed to see it just at that moment. I always see rainbows as something special that the Universe sends us, 'good times coming' or 'never give up hope'.

A peep of the valerian that is flowering profusely wherever it drops seeds, my sort of garden. I love nature to take care of the planting!

Two dogs joined at the ...head, it really is at the hip as they are always together and often lie back to back or side to side! They are only newish friends but are great buddies, to each other and give themselves unconditionally to us and our family and friends.

Two books I've enjoyed. The first is different to the Lace Reader and absorbing as well.

This is hilarious, a great stocking popper especially for the men in our lives. He has written others, son no 2 will certainly be getting something from this writer.

I have been very slow with my blogging lately, just lots of things getting in the way. I have been doing huge weeding in my garden, trying to get it all done before I begin my holiday across the sea!!! The ground is still moist from the rains we have had so had to get the bulk of it done before it dries out....and we know it will!
I have been busy making a slip cover for daughter no 2's couch, it has come up well especially if you don't look too closely. I was offered a morning's gardening on Saturday so I could finish the covers! An offer too good to refuse! Especially when son-in-law is a gardener, has man hands, much stronger than this woman's hands and really is not any good sewing a fine seam!! So he did...and I did! So covers finished and a huge amount of weeds in the ute, not even lying in a heap as I'm inclined to do.


  1. I can alsmost smell the air in those photos. Don't worry aobut not keeping up with your blogging - there will be plenty of time when you are over in NZ! Love me xxooxx.

  2. your place looks scrumptious! so, so green and gorgeous.