Thursday, November 18, 2010


Here I am in NZ with Kate so good to be here to be with all the family and it is lovely, lovely with to see every-one in their own environment and all the new things that have happened since my last visit. This is my morning view
with the green hill and contented cows munching away. Last night they were just through the garden fence as we watched television and crocheted/knitted, breathing and snuffling and of course munching!

Sorry about this one of a boy who had been sent into the bathroom for timeout lying on his side instead of standing upright! He had been enjoying himself until I appeared and said it might be a good idea to sit and think about being good. His reply was,'I have forgotten about goodness and badness.' What do you say?

As we ate our picnic lunch on Saturday beside the beach we saw heaps of ladybirds [bugs] so we all set to catching them,placing them in a paper bag, sliding the new ones into a small opening,  to bring home and let them loose on the rose bushes where there are some aphids. kate is hoping to create a new colony here, keep your fingers crossed for the sake of her gorgeous roses.

Watching television and........

the dog who crept inside wondering whetheer he could join in and then sat looking very embarrassed because he KNEW he was not allowed inside.

Flying kites, how does Dad get it off the ground?

          And a swimming lesson. The goggles make him look like his 14 1/2 yr old cousin in Perth.
This one is such a chatterer, always asking questions or explaining how things work.
I have had  dinner with my niece and her family...Kate's cousin is also her sister-in-law. This was lovely too, seeing how the children have grown, all the work in the garden and everyuthing that has happened since I was here  last time. Special dinner of paella and then pavlova....delicious.. I feel very loved when I come here. When there is distance between family members, get-togethers make for very precious times. We have had some crocheting times, knitting, and painting...just great to have the head space and time to create. We have been to the school where the cousins go, bare feet seem to be the go in this amazing school, really so aware of the children and all their strengths. kate has had a pile of books for me to read, ones she has enjoyed ond often books I may not have chosen....and I have really enjoyed.
I am hoping to do another post before I leave here. Just know we are having fun!!

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  1. So glad you are having special family time in NZ. I hope those ladybirds get rid of the aphids on Kate's roses.