Sunday, November 21, 2010

Last day here with greedyforcolour

Today is my last day here and as usual it is sunshine and showers. it has been literally, heavy rain for a few minutes this morning, then greyness with little peeps of sunshine. Then lunchtime brought out the vivid blue of the sky. Naps after lunch, lying on my bed amidst the treetops there was the blue sky and the wind blowing through the trees. I feel as though I am a bird in my nest, no wonder nestled is such a special word!
We had an early lunch with my niece and her family, special time sitting on their window seat with my knitting and my special great-niece snuggled into me reading her book.
Saying goodbye is always hard but it does mean the 'hellos' are to start happening. Both families are coming to aus in about 3 weeks so not long enough. I am also home with the big one tomorrow night and that will be lovely. The lovely thing this time of being away is that he has said every time I have spoken to him that he is missing me and will be glad to have me at to any girl's heart and always warms to the soul.
we have been through so many emotions this time, of pet rabbits....more for Kate to say in her blog, the excitement of seeing all that has happened here and in my nieces house, the relaxation and the painting mornings we have had, the warmth of smiles from Hugo at ten to six this morning, as he arrived in my bed for a cuddle. He has to drag his little chair to my door to open it. One morning I had a cup of rice milk [ugh] brought upstairs for each of us, one at a time. He hopped into my bed and then said he had forgotten the snacks so off he ran downstairs and came back very carefully holding a large tray with a new packet of rice cakes, scissors to cut the packet open, a knife and a jar of honey. So there we sat, eating our rice cake with honey.
As for Archie, so many precious moments with him. I have these soul moments with him, the love he has inside him is amazing and he is still a boy who has his rough and tumbles with his brother, naughty moments but how he loves!

Fun moments all, special dinners, knitting and crafting, napping and visiting, I am so lucky to have had all of this.


  1. I love how you write with all your heart. I came across from Greedy for Colour because I was so drawn in by your amazing watercoloured flowers :)

  2. Hi Aubrey,
    So glad to hear you've been having wonderful family time.
    Your painting of the rabbit is gorgeous and will surely be a comfort to the little men in the house.
    Anne xx

  3. A lovely time! Thanks for the sharing it with us; helps me remember when my boys were young.