Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shopping Expedition With Kate

A shopping expedition this morning. No boys....much as we love them!! Freedom and a trip to town, not to the most exclusive shop in town but to....The Warehouse....'where every-one gets a bargain' . And I did! Or should I say we did. But I'm the one who went a bit overboard and didn't spend a packet.
It is one thing I hate about being larger than I would is getting clothes that fit. The old Warehouse gave me CHOICE! AMAZING! and I had Kate urging me on!The best bargain were merino tops, $40down to $15, now who could resist that?
I am sorry about so many photos of me but Kate said I had to, that the big one holding the fort at home would love to see them.
Kate and Jonno have two gorgeous outside dogs, the one in the photo with me is a border collie. A smiling loving and enthusiastic dog. He was drawn to me like a moth to the flame when we went out for the ''photo shoot'....all he wanteed to do was jump up on me with joy. He didn't really think I was being fair!
Only one more full day after today. We always find goodbyes so difficult but with  goodbyes come hellos and home with the big one will be lovely too....and our dogs!!

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  1. you look gorgeous in your new clobber Aubrey!