Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Just as our weather is really beginning to warm up I finish my scarf...where is the reason for that! I ask you! I had to take heaps of photos of it before I could get one showing the pink flowers [it is a more vivid pink than it does show.] It is draped ove an old gnarled apple tree that lives in the bottom of the garden, it doesn't produce fruit but I love the look of it and can imagine that there possibly could be fairies living under it.
Just beyond the apple tree is the biggest fig tree I have ever seen. Actually it is more than the middle of it all is again an old gnarled trunk with large curved branches coming out and touching the ground and have then formed roots which have grown into 'minor trees' all around the parent trunk.

Inside this is a fig room...not a garden room as all the best gardeners talk about in their beautiful garden books.... no, a fig room!

with a large crop of figs dangling around the outside of the room, ready to be ripened by the heat of the sun. A big crop thanks to all the rain we have had this year.

I have a picture in my mind of a table under here, comfortable chairs, children climbing the tree, maybe sitting perched on the branches reading or playing with their cars while daughters and I are chatting or crocheting or just sitting.
Other years I have worried about snakes also choosing the cool of the tree but this year there is NO long grass around it or inside...... the big one and I cleared it out on Sunday and now all that is left underneath this tree are a few remnant violets and the last straggly bits of bluebells. A good idea? I think so.
I begin my journey today to wend my way to Kate. Two nights in Melbourne with daughter no 1, Remembrance Day is a special one for us as we remember her beautful husband who died 2 years ago on the 11th. She is an amazing person and has picked herself up and created a new happy [mostly, now,] life for herself and her two boys.
Friday sees me catching a very early plane to Kate where I WILL  see all she has been blogging about! What a treat!!!!!!

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  1. I love the scarf - it's absolutely fantastic - could you please bring it over. love me xxooxx.