Monday, November 29, 2010


The path to welcome me home! Valerian spills out to greet me, filling up the pathway. I love to see the nature given plants such as this, seeding themselves in places they like, as opposed to where I might choose.

This is 'Remember Me', given to me  to remember.

Some deadheading needs to be done! I think I missed the best of my roses whilst I was away but am still loving picking them to have in the house AND to give away.

       How I wish I could put the scent of these roses on the blog.....not possible!

I am off to my studio this morning, having promised Kate I would keep painting when I came home. Not quite so easy here when there is always something going on. We have just had unexpected visitors this morning...7.30...waking us with a phone call to say they were almost here! My brother and sister-in-law on their way home from Melbourne, a lovely surprise even at that time!! The house is OK, the washing up to date, ironing to be done BUT NOT NOW!! The day is very grey and cool.....after 88mls [around 3 1/2 inches] of rain between Friday am and Sunday the garden is too wet to be no excuses...sorry, reasons....for not painting!!

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  1. Oh Mum, so beautiful - I can't wait to see it all in person. Love Kate xxooxx.