Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Crafting Birthday Present for a Four Year Old Girl

I found a great dolly's cot in an op-shop a few weeks ago,thereby beginning a journey to create the birthday present for this special little girl. I began with four beautiful shirts donated by one daughter and began with strips sewn had a peak on an earlier blog.

I made the matress and the pillow from an old pillow slit into two, with  new covers, a bottom sheet, purple with the Pink label on it, the top sheet has a white doiley to decorate it, the pillow slip is striped with the shirt material and then made the doonah into a patchwork doonah

The Birthday Girl was thrilled but probably not half as much as I was! It is very satisfying to see a day's enjoyment, [the making of it] turning out so well.
Then last night it had to be wrapped, not an easy task when  it is quite a large parcel and there is nowhere enough wrapping paper in the house! So brown paper, patched, and bits cut out of proper wrapping paper that have been kept and are not big enough to be useful....why do I keep these leftover bits? I now know, they can be very useful!!


  1. looks lovely, no wonder the birthday girl was thrilled with it.


  2. It really is wonderful Mum - so much fun to make something on a smaller scale too and what beautiful fabrics to work with. Sophie is a very lucky girl. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  3. Hi Aubrey! Lovely pressie! No wonder birthday girl was chuffed! Hope all's well with you. Loads of love, Amanda xxx