Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spring and Books

I have neglected blogville lately, just life getting in the way. Today is the day I begin again! The house is quiet, no-one here and I go to get my camera. No camera. It has gone in the car with my big one. Not on purpose...the last time I returned from Melbourne I didn't unpack the car properly.
So, no new photos. However, wisteria is flowering profusely in gardens round about and this one is in a friend's garden this time last year. I love the look and the SCENT, it wafts me around to all sorts of romantic places!
I have loved reading all the books people are enjoying on Kate's giveaway and have written lots down to read another time. Congratulations to the winner, the prizes look gorgeous, hopefully she does it again next year!
One of her favourite books and mine is The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry and I have just discovered a new one, 'the map of true places' ... no capitals in the name. It says inside the cover, first published 2011 so either they are ahead of themselves or....maybe it really is 2011 and I have lost track of time! I know time does fly quickly past but hopefully not quite so fast!

So there we are for the day, I had to do this first before I began more mundane tasks. Have a lovely spring or summer day wherever you are!


  1. Are you reading the lace reader again? Busy day in the garden today - lots of digging in poo... Love Kate xxooxx.

  2. Hi Aubrey I popped into the publishers clearance shop in Scarborough today and guess what was there?? I stood there for ages pondering 'how do i know about this book...?' when it hit me, it was your blog! so I bought it for £2 and have started reading...
    now there is a problem, knitting or reading, if only I hadn't pledged to make all my christmas presents!although the children have got wind of it and are begging for money-cheek! jennyx