Monday, October 25, 2010

Gardens and Projects

         I have been helped in the garden and around today and of course much more has been accomplished. The paths and verandah have been cleaned up and then blown with the grass blower, so much better than the old straw broom. Just after the big one finished the paths our very friendly blackbird, the one with the wonky wing, got to work, he just didn't want to have such tidiness in his domain.  He is worth while though with his singing, a sound that is Springtime to me and so heis excused the mess he makes! You can see his little peck-hole about half way up the path.

A patch of brilliance in the dappled shade.

My works in progress.... The baby shawl for one daughter is more than half way now, I am so pleased and of course after half way each row becomes smaller, even if it only one stitch at a time!  My scarf is also on the way, nearly finished the lighter purple. I have a plan for the ends, hope it works and of course will show you when it is finished
Now I have to do a few things inside. I sometimes would love to have the inside help when I have been in the garden most of the day. I should be waited on hand and foot, in fact feet should be massaged, a cool drink placed in my hand and dinner miraculously on the table!! If only!!

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  1. Such a lovely day for gardening in Victoria today. Those little blackbirds are pesky but I'm with you, I love their song.
    I'm also with you in wanting, needing inside help when I've been out in the garden. Sighhhh!
    Anne xx