Monday, October 11, 2010

Satisfaction of a job well done.

Yesterday was Kate's birthday and a Sunday and the tenth of the tenth of the tenth! Surely an auspicious day in any language, even a day of rest or spent in contemplation, fishing, lying in the sun, reading a favourite book! But no, I did none of those things! I cleaned out my fridge.....a big job! Then after lunch, a short nap and a read, I cleaned out the pantry, an even bigger job. I figured I was in labour 34 years ago, I may as well labour again!! The end results were perhaps not as deeply exciting, however therewas plenty of satisfaction!
What is it about going away and coming home again that there is a desperate urge to clean, tidy and declutter! Today my aim is the family room and the rest of the kitchen. So far today I have a clear 'end of bench' somewhere clutter tends to collect. My nature seems to be 'I'll do that later' even with my mother telling me years ago, DON'T PUT THINGS DOWN, PUT THEM AWAY!

Today I am slowly doing the familyroom/kitchen, badly in need of the declutter. I had great plans of doing a heap but we took off for a couple of hours, very pleasant but not gettin g the job done. It is a gorgeous day, too nice  be inside really.
Job satisfaction is at a high though, justneed to keep on keeping on!
At least I had a nap in the car while we were coming home!!


  1. Looks so good Mum - I good birthday present would be you arriving and doing it for me... actually, I would really just want to drink tea with you and crochet. Lots of love, Kate xxooxx.

  2. wow, looks so clean and tidy , how inspiring for a monday morning! is this the start of your spring cleaning? Phoebe who is seven weeks old has taken over the house and she doesn't even live here! how did that happen???