Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday morning and a quiet house

The big one here has just left, another body is still asleep and here I am. I always intend to write two or three blogs a week but somehow life gets in the way. The sun is shining, a cool wind is blowing, I have pelagoniums in pots I am going to put in the garden, lovely hardy things they are, and generous with their flowers. And the baby magpies are atr it again. I can just imagine those gaping mouths wanting their breakfast NOOOOOOWWWWW! Ah! Instant peace just evolved at that very minute; the naughty dog [??] just chased them away!!! And I do want to write this before I go outside!

My latest project, a scarf for me, the purples will come next. I was thinking of a double stripe of the green but I don't think so, too much in the middle.

I'll show more next blog.

Two glimpses of my garden, waiting for me as I walk out the back door. I used not to like the acanthus but now adore the sculptured leaves. The flower spikes are just unfurling, gorgeous! Isn't it strange how out tastes change, perhaps  just as well sometimes!
The irises are beautiful and the photo doesn't show the lilac behind and the lavender, Never mind, it is a beautiful combination and I am sorry you can't enjoy the fragrance as well.


A glimpse of my next project, unveiling next week. the material used in the strips are from some beautiful shirts from Pink in Jermyn Street in London, far too good to be chopped up but the donor was keen for them to be involved in this project> She has been working on her fitness in such a dedicated manner that she has gone from a 12 to a size 8. Why can some people be so focused on getting fit!! I have wonderful intentions but they soon fall by the wayside and I am back to my old habits


  1. I love the colours of your new scarf Aubrey. Green and purple are my favourite colours. I also love irises, one of my favourite flowers. I'm quite jealous of those as I never seem to have any luck with them here. Not enough sunshine I think because we live behind a hill.
    Enjoy your gardening today.
    Anne xx

  2. It is all so busy and intriguing. I love the scarf and I can't wait to see the shirt project. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.