Friday, July 16, 2010

Winter into Spring and chocolate ramblings!

In the midst of winter, we have the beginnings of Spring. I love the changes we have in our seasons although I'm not too keen on the summer heat.
I love the bulbs popping up, the yellows we have in Spring,

the our flowering Apricot, always the first with blossom here. I am wondering whether the blackbird will come back to his nest in the tree. If so he will have the most deliciously scented bower for his bed!

The creamy whites are everywhere in the garden, some from the old garden we had herre from long ago, others come from my dear sister-in-law in Melbourne who has a garden with absolute treasures in it, rare and fascinating things which her husband other words, he is what I think of as a real gardener!

The blues...Julia Crossland on her blog has some lovely photos of her garden with borage flowers, it is a 'world family'feeling when I see we have the same flowers blooming on both sides of the world, even if ours are really too early and rather sparse on the plant.

The purples, my gorgeous and tough perrenial wallflower, grows so easily from cuttings.

The very last of my roses, one even has some buds but I don't think they will come to anything. I won't prune my roses until nearly the end of August as the frosts tend to kill off all those lovely new tawny shoots so I need to be patient.

Lastly.....does any-one else find that chocolate assists them when faced with  chores!!! I find that New Zealand's Whittakers chocolate helps me through all sorts of things from cleaning bathrooms, deciding what to have for dinner, washing up, putting things away, ironing, putting things away, any upsets, irritations,anxieties, annoyances and even
Our local Safeway has had it for a couple of years and I'm always worried that they might decide not to import it. They also have the NZ Anatoth range of jams, so like home-made , they are amazing. The raspberry is so delicious, I love it. I used to bring home the chocolate from  NZ but chocolate does weigh quite a lot, especially when you bring 2-3 kg home!!

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