Thursday, July 15, 2010

A tale of some tails

I am enjoying making these little flower/circles/motifs to place on my cusion cover which was meant to be my vest, the first thing I had knitted for myself for so long and it was AWFUL on me! However the cushion I will really enjoy!!
However, there are to be heaps of these little poppets and they all have many tails which ALL need to be dealt with. So they become quite tiresome poppets! I do have my jar beside me as I work and all the tails go into there. It is quite satisfying to see the jar nearly full but I know it can be squashed down to make some room. I always think 'maybe I can do something', perhaps be incorporated into a collage, but then perhaps not!

I went outside onto the verandah to take the photos as there was more light and decided not to sit on this chair...we have had some lovely rain, at last have water running off into the dams and even could perhapsget bogged in some of the paddocks here on the farm. What a wonderful thought as there has been no possibility of getting bogged for the last ten or so years!

I love these succulents on our outside table, they weren't looking very happy for ages but strangely enough they still need a little bit of water occaisonally and now are much happier. The jugs are so pretty but sadly have some chips but the succulents don't mind even a little bit and we can still see the jugs...they have a purpose in life, just as we do!

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  1. I love all of the little flowers coming along, it will be so satisfying when it is doen. All I seem to do at the moment is to tuck tails into my crachet blanket too. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.