Thursday, July 8, 2010

We have a special place here which a treasured member of our family called
Here we can see 'all over the country-side' and the evening light makes it all the more beautiful.
We visited there on Monday nightwith family and friends and watched the sun go down, all rugged up as it was very cold, heading for a big frost that night. I love to see the shifting light and the glow that colours our world.

There is a large log E dragged up there with the tractor, levelling off the top so that we could use it for a table or to sit on......

The sun goes down ......

Time for a last look
 and home we go.
We have had Number three and Number four grandsons stay on for a few days after daughter Number one went home to Melbourne. It is a different house with the children staying, clothes dotted around, and 'please, please, please can we get up at 4.30 am to watch the Germany-Spain soccer match' and not liking the reply,'  we think we had better ask your Mum!' and 'Oh Mum you are mean!' whn the reply was a very definite 'NO!'
One goes home today and the other tomorrow and I KNOW we will miss them when the house is quiet, no soccer or other TV on??!!

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