Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't You Hate It When.....

Can you see the horse? Look carefully! I aimed my camera and by the time it snapped the photo, the subject, i.e. the horse, has gone!

And of course with this one, I forgot to bring the subject close enough to see properly!
Our next door neighbour had his stallion parade yesterday, four beautiful stallions all looking their best, were paraded in front of a gathering of breeders and race horse owners. Malcolm was in fine form, the day was beautiful and so was the lunch. We were the neighbours, the only ones not interested in sires for our mares...we don't have a single horse here at all. Neighbours was even written onto our name-tags so we were spared having to show off our lack of knowledge about the racing interest. I really enjoy seeing their horses, watching the wobbley foals , then seeing them growing, playing together. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to rub a new foal's nose, cuddle a furry neck as it wibbles and wobbles on it's sparrow-thin legs, And smell of the loveliest smells!

Today we had an unexpected trip to a local town which has a lake fronting on to the main street. We sat in the sun and ate our lunch looking at the view, listening to the seagulls spiralling around us, a bonus treat for our day!


  1. I thought Errol was one of the stallions on parade - did he get reshoed today. Love Kate, xxooxxooxx