Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Coincidence or Synchronicity

Kate suggested this book to me and I loved it, set in Salem, a Great-Aunt missing, the mysterious lace readers  and secrets which have been held too long. Lots to get one's 'teeth'into! Weird expression isn't it! I brought the book home from the library last week, thinking it looked familiar [a senior's moment] and of course when I began to read on Saturday morning [with my cup of tea in bed] I instantly recognized the story. Then my next thought was that it would be a very easy book to read again, something I rarely do. I wondered vaguely whether Brunonia Barry had written anything else but just went on reading. 
The morning papers arrived and there on the literary page with newly published books was a BRUNONIA BARRY book! THE MAP OF PLACES. Again set in Salem, another mystery to solve and secrets to unearth. It was published in May of this year. I am hoping our library has it, otherwis might suggest they get it.
I do enjoy these synchronicities and just hope I have spelled it the right way!!

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  1. oh fantastic - and the weired thing is I have been thinking of that book all day. I am reading another one that makes me think of it. I so enjoyed the lace reader and can't wait to read her next. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.