Friday, July 9, 2010

A dear friend

Sometime ago a dear friend said she had leant her wheatsack to someone who had never returned it. As you know we have had some severe frosts so I thought she needed another one. So a trip to the op shop yielded a woollen straight skirt for the sack and bingo! A new wheatsack for her!
I made a calico sack for the first layer and then the wool skirt sack, a lovely soft wool. Some crochet flowers, thanks to Lucy at Attic24, some wheat from the new local shop, Fare Enough in our local town, some rose essential lavender... and the sack is going off to it's new owner after lunch.
It is such a thrill to have Fare Enough so close. It is run by a local lady who has an absolute cornucopia of organic 'stuff'[ according to my grandson who is helping me write this blog!] The smells are divine, my husband loves the dates from California. They even have some lovely handmade wool, gorgeous colours and the lady makes fresh sushi every morning. Kate will love all the gluten free products she has so it will make our lives much easier. We came home with popcorn, the dates, wheat, some bulls-eyes...the boiled sweets, not the real thing....some beautiful sour dough bread , oh and a CD from the op shop as the two boys convinced me they needed it and for fifty cents so what else could I do!
By the way, the bread was delicious this morning toasted with the marmalade I made a few days ago.

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  1. Mum, I just love it so much - what a lucky friend to not only have your frienship, but your handmade stuff as well. Lots of love, Kate, xxooxxooxx.