Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wool chaos and a special birthday

Why doesn't my evening, sit by the fire stash, always look like this?
Yesterday I needed to change

                                                     this mess
                                                     this mess

                                                 into some sort of order.
No photo of my table, too dark as I go back to it now. Just take my word for it! And make do with the stash in the old copper preserving pan!


On Sunday we went to Melbourne to a very special 80th birthday partym our friend June. She is the most amazing person, an artist, still painting and teaching at80, no plans for stopping. Shehas an enormous amount of really good friends, and she makes each one of us feel as though we are really the very best, a warm loving person. She has worked really hard for an organization called Very Special Kids, a place where terminally sick children can go with their families for respite or to have their final days in a place where they will be nurtured and loved. Her sense of humour is gorgeous and every-one feels so loved and cared for when in her presence. Her son did ask for names for her 90th, I am sure that there will be another party for her then, she hasn't time to pass over, even though her beloved husband will surely be waiting for her. My words do not do her justice, nor do my photos  of two of her paintings we have here but here they are anyway!

We need more treasures like June!!
Now it is off to help get wood for our fire. Normally I don't go out to help but today I just feel like being outside with my 'hewer of wood' and might take sandwiches and a thermos for our lunch....if it is not too cold.   


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