Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Corner

My creative space today is a corner of my verandah, and all the things I  have with me.........

my cushion cover, almost finished, two rounds around the outside.

My space today, in the weak sun!

My jars that sit beside me, knitting or crocheting.

The largest is to put all my ends in, all those cut off ends that seem to infiltrate everywhere, on clothes to be carried to other rooms, on the floor beside me, down the sides of the chair...... you know , you understand!
The medium size is to hold my embroidery cottons, for noses, eyes, mouths and maybe whiskers for when I make crochet animals.
The wee tiny the three bears plates of porridge.... has tiny buttons for eyes.

And my plastic container goes everywhere with me....pins, needles to sew with, an odd reel of cotton, perhaps little feet for an animal in the making, [so I don't lose any in the making] AND most importantly, my little nippers for nipping all the pieces of wool I need to nip!
Now the sun has gone in, the clouds have swarmed in, very black ones and I do need to walk with the dogs before it rains so I must go!!

1 comment:

  1. That cushion is coming along so well. Could you imagine making it this time last year? And be such a professional? Hope it is not too cold for you. We are freezing today but have a warm fire. Love Kate, xxooxxooxx.