Thursday, June 10, 2010

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There seems to have been a rush of babies in our family circle which explains my beanie knitting frenzy. Our most exciting piece of news is that our son and his partner had a little girl this morning. It will be August before I see her so will have to make do with lots of photos. Her parcel went off to Christchurch at Easter time, right colours and all as I knew the sex and the parents to-be did not, thanks to a kind radiographer who put the notes into the grandparents' envelopes. The parents didn't open the parcel until after Lulu arrived, great self control! An email was sent to me a few hours after the birth, wrapped in the shawl I had knitted and with my beanie as well. Tears in the eyes stuff for sure!!

I have beanies for two little girls still to be sent and one for a little boy as well as another still in the beginning stages for another friend who knows she is to have a girl. The blue beanie is from 'Unravelled:Time Thief Watch Cap and the pink  stripey ones are the same pattern but my own version. Also Attic 24's tiny flowers... they are so cute, I love them!
 The little mice are surely 'the three blind mice', all faceless at the moment as my embroidery threads are still in Melbourne but they too will soon be winging their way to a new baby home!
So now it is over to Kirsty at Kootoyoo.

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