Thursday, June 3, 2010

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I have been hiding away my disastrous vest but decided I have to share the bad with the good. However as so often good comes out of bad  maybe I shouldn't judge things in this way, just see disasters as a challenges.
So, confession time.... my vest! I was so excited to begin with, the first thing I had knitted for myself for so long I can't remember. Then doubts set in, the back seemed enormous, it stretched as I looked at it. But I soldiered on, maybe when it was sewn up it would be better....But no!!  Not only was it huge on me, the colour drained me and I looked like an old bag of potatoes. I had even put an antique button on it , one my aunt had given me a very long time. No! JUST A DISASTER!

Yesterday I thought rather than pulling it out and making something else, maybe it could be a cushion, yes that is a possibility. Also can you see how the colour varies with the different light, not good at all!
And then a brainwave hit me. I occaisonally get an Australian magazine, Better Homes and Gardens and there had been a great crocheting section in the last one I bought. And there is my solution........

A cushion covered with all sorts of granny squares, flowers, hexagons etc! The cover itself was crocheted but mine will be the knitted vest cushion cover as base.

Just a sample now of the colours I will use, now it is exciting to see the possibility!!
A challenge satisfactorily turned into an exciting project.....HURRAH, HURRAH!!
Over to Kirsty's, [I hope!]

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