Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crochet flowers for cushion

I have another sad tale to tell about my knitting! I have had to pull out the back of my cardigan as in my haste to begin, I looked at the number of stitches that were there AFTER I was meant to cast off for the armholes! I have started again but last night I needed some light relief and crocheted some flowers, some from Attic24 and three from Australian Better Homes and Gardens. They are going to look pretty I think on my 'vest' cushion!
I am making some pumpkin soup at the moment, a recipe from JenniferChiaverini's The Quilter's Kitchen. If it is as good as it looks iI will put it up tomorrow. It has maple syrup and orange juice as well as all the normal  ingredients and I felt like a change. There is some for a friend who has a nasty cold and I wish I coud send some over to The Greedy One as she is a bit 'under the weather' at the moment, some TLC from Mum would surely help, wouldn't it?!


  1. Hi, I'm Joan. I live in Florida. So interesting to visit your blog and see a bit of Australia. Your crocheted flowers are lovely. I hope your knitting comes together as nice as the flowers did.

  2. How funny - I am cooking pumpkin soup at the moment too - when I have it I will pretend you made it. I love the flowers, they are coming along beautifully. Love Kate xxooxxooxx.

  3. I've just found your lovely blog and i've spent a while reading your older posts. I LoVe the colours of your crochet-beautiful! x